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Indoor Air Quality factory Dehumidifier reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air, usually for health and comfort reasons, to eliminate musty odor and to prevent the growth of mildew by extracting water from the air. It can be used for houses,restrooms and apartments. Dehumidifiers extract water from air that passes through the unit. Dehumidifier make a difference in the comfort level you experience at home.It can reduce the presence of allergens and irritants in damp areas of room and make breathing easier for people who have asthma. Dehumidifier works by drawing warm air currents into its coils via a fan. The warm air contracts as it鈥檚 fed through the refrigerated coils of the machine, and condensation is left inside the dehumidifier.As this condensation collects, one droplet of water at a time, it falls into a storage tank attached to the dehumidifier. Cooler, drier air is then released back into your home through the other side of the machine.Dehumidifier should be able to bring the moisture in the air down to a relative humidity of 30 to 50 percent. It come with a meter that measures the relative humidity where it鈥檚 placed in home, and user can set the humidity to the percentage. DEHUMIDIFIER SPECIFICATION AM/AMH-10L(12L)10L Parameters12L Parameters Voltage220-240v,50hz220-240v,50hz Power195W240W Volume to be dehumidified per day10L12L CoolantR290R290 Net weight10kg10kg Noise Value46db46db Contorlling panelTouch panelTouch panel Water tank volume3L3L Adaptable area20-30m虏20-30m虏 Movable wheelsUniversal WheelUniversal Wheel Packing Dimensions38脳34脳87cm38脳34脳87cm Loading Qty(20'/40GP/40HQ)588/1224/1530588/1224/1530Indoor Air Quality factory website: