Gate Globe and Check Valve factory


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Gate Globe and Check Valve factory Application & Function: Globe valve is used for throttling flow control. Shut off is accomplished by moving the disc against the flow stream rather than across it as in the case with a gate valve. The flow pattern through a globe valve involves changes in direction, resulting in greater resistance to flow, causing high pressure drop. Globe valve is an excellent valve to use for on-off service, also is highly suited for frequent cycling and control of fluids anywhere in amount or volume between the open and closed positions. Globe valve must be installed in the proper relation to the media flow as indicated by the flow direction arrow marked on the valve body. This valve is considered uni-directional and must be installed with the pressure side or inlet under the seat. Accessories: Accessories such as gear operators, actuators, bypasses,locking devices, chain wheels, extended stems and bonnets for cryogenic service and many others are available to meet the customers' requirements. Applicable Standards: Globe valve, BS1873 Steel valve, ASME B16.34 Face to face ASME B16.10 End Flanges ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47 Butt welding ends ASME B16.25 Inspection and test API 598 Material: WCB CF8, CF8M, A105, F304 F316 etc Size Range: 2"~24" Pressure Rating: ASME CL, 150,300,600,900,1500,2500 Temperature Range: -196掳C~600掳C Design Description锛?/strong> - Outside Screw and Yoke - Bolted Bonnet and Pressure Seal - Rising stem and non-rising stem - Available with gear operator - Wafer Flange Ends and Butt welding Ends - Different type of disc available - Low torque design, smooth surface stem.Gate Globe and Check Valve factory website: